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Focusing on All-Optical ADN and Continuously Leading HBB Experience-oriented Operations

BARCELONA, Spain, March 6, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — At the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2023 held in Spain, Huawei’s NCE Optical Network Domain team shared its vision and viewpoints on the development trend of the all-optical autonomous driving network (ADN) and the evolution of home broadband (HBB) operations.

With AN as a Consensus, Huawei Actively Leads the Development of the Industry

Wang Jinping, Chief Marketing Officer of Huawei’s NCE Optical Network Domain, mentioned that through the joint efforts of TMF, standards organizations, carriers, equipment vendors, OSS/BSS vendors, and other industry partners, Autonomous Networks (AN) is now a consensus in the industry. To date, Huawei has participated in more than 36 standards projects on AN and submitted more than 300 proposals to help carriers achieve the strategic goals of L3 in 2023 and L4 in 2025. In the all-optical network (AON) domain, Huawei launched the all-optical ADN solution. With iMaster NCE as its intelligent core, the solution is driving the AN evolution of AON and improving network automation and intelligence to support high-quality development.

Resolving Service Challenges and Obtaining Dividends from HBB Operations

According to industry surveys, most subscribers are willing to purchase services that provide a better experience, even if the cost is 16% higher or more. However, significant difficulties in the development of carriers’ HBB services are as follows:

  • Inaccurate marketing: The lack of user experience data makes it difficult to gain insights into differentiated user requirements and formulate targeted marketing strategies.
  • Subscriber churn: According to statistics, more than 90% of experience issues were notified through user complaints, and 90% of poor-QoE subscribers deregistered accounts without reporting complaints.
  • Difficulties in Wi-Fi speed test perception: According to the new standards of P3 ranking, the Wi-Fi speed accounts for 70% of the ranking. Currently, most carriers lack methods for proactively measuring subscribers’ Wi-Fi speeds.

Building a Digital Base and Implementing User Experience-oriented Operations

Liu Yan, Vice President of Huawei’s NCE Optical Network Domain, said that the new-generation Huawei Premium Broadband solution can help carriers in different aspects.

  • Accurate identification of potential subscribers: Premium Broadband provides more than 110 user labels in multiple dimensions such as the behavior, experience, bottleneck, and networking, helping carriers identify different subscribers’ network requirements to promote marketing success.
  • Subscriber retention through poor-QoE closed-loop management: Premium Broadband enables carriers to identify and rectify the network faults in advance based on poor-QoE demarcation. This way, carriers can reduce the churn rate by providing proactive service assurance.
  • Improvement in P3 ranking promoted by Wi-Fi speed test management: Premium Broadband analyzes more than 30 root causes of substandard network speeds and provides closed-loop rectification of speed tests, helping carriers significantly improve their P3 rankings.

Huawei’s NCE Optical Network Domain team said that Premium Broadband is the technical core of ADN strategy implementation in the access domain. It promotes the evolution of carriers’ HBB services to experience–oriented operations and provides a guaranteed experience for HBB users.

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